Fun Matters Swimming

Who We Are

Fun Matters private swimming is an extremely exciting swim program with an emphasis on fun, but most importantly water safety. Plus, our swim lessons come to you! We offer inexpensive, private, at home swim lessons in Long Beach, Lakewood, Seal Beach, Cypress, and Cerritos area! We also can work around your schedule!

Contact Me

Phone: (562) 334-8286


    • Access to a well maintained pool that we can use for teaching. We can discuss specific pool requirements and how we ensure safety.

    • Must be ready to have fun!



Flat Rates

30 minute lesson = $30

10% off with a four week commitment. 30 minute lessons, two days per week, for four weeks = $215

Additional Student Discounts

    • 20% off second student

    • 35% off third through fifth additional students

    • Credits for referrals

Other arrangements may be negotiated. Let's talk!

My Qualifications

    • Red Cross Certified Lifeguard. I have been trained by the Red Cross to be a Lifeguard. This qualification entails the knowledge of the following:

      • How to respond a drowning victim

      • How to respond to a drowning victim with head, neck or spinal injury

      • I am trained in CPR/AED (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation / Automated external defibrillator)

      • Heimlich Maneuver

      • Basic First aid

    • Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor. I have been trained by the Red Cross to be a Water Safety Instructor. This qualification entails the following: I have been trained how to safely and effectively teach individuals how to swim and how to be safe around the water. I have been trained in how to respond and teach with all sorts of people using modern physiology and other common professional practices.


Proof of Life Guard Certification


Proof of Water Safety Instructor Certification

Who I am

My name is Nikhil Stewart, I live in Long Beach California. I am a High School student who is an avid Swimmer and Sailor. I love everything that has to do with the water and so I decided to teach private swim lessons for that reason. I do this in my free time when I am not working at Leeway Sailing Center.

Why you want the Fun Matters experience

I can come to you, work around your schedule, and without the hassle or cost of leaving of your home. As well as, when taught such a vital skill such as swimming, one-on-one time with one's instructor is paramount for learning at the highest degree. We offer our at home swim lessons at a competitive price, and strive to maintain the highest amount of professionalism.

Who we cater to

Anyone from 6 months of age to 60

With Parent: 6 months to 2 years. The goal with children this young is to teach parents how to be safe with their kids and to teach toddlers basic water motor skills. Maximum of two children.

4-6yrs: maximum of 3 children

7-9: maximum of 4 children

10+: maximum of 6 people